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iPhone Unlocking FAQ

What iPhones can you unlock?

We can unlock any iPhone, from the first generation, the iPhone 3G,3GS,4G,4S,5,5S,5C and the latest iPhone X, 8, 7 & 6, using pure software right up to the very latest firmware (currently ios 12) Our unique unlock supports ALL bootloaders and basebands.

Is unlocking my iPhone legal?

YES it is - Cell Phone Unlocking 100% Legal. There is provision for both jailbreaking AND unlocking within the DMCA 2010 round.

Obama signs into Law

Consumers now have a choice of whether they want to unlock their cellphone

Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act signed on Friday 31st July 2014

No need to have carrier approval - using our service you can get your iPhone unlocked no matter what your carrier tells you otherwise.

Can you jailbreak or unlock the iPhone 4/5/6/7 & iPhone X/8 running the latest IOS 12 ?

Absolutely - we've had the prototype for 3 months, we posted the specs on our website 3 months ago, and our jailbreak and unlock works great! Indeed a great feature of our unlock is that you can watch Facetime videos over 3G rather than being stuck on a WiFi connection!

What about iPhones I purchased in another country? Such as America, China etc?

We can unlock them all regardless of where you purchased them! Once unlocked, they function identically.

Will your service work in my country?

Our solution works in every country on every network - Canada, United States, India, Australia etc.

How long does it take after purchase to get access to the members area?

You get a login to our members unlocking area immediately after purchase.


How does our solution work?

  1. Download the unlocking application to your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer
  3. launch the Unlock Application (see below) on the computer, click Unlock and wait 30 seconds.

That's it - no complicated downgrading, or entering complex commands on the iPhone.

unlock iphone


unlock iphone

What features will I lose?

The only feature which won't work is Visual Voicemail - as thats a network-specific function. Of course, if you keep the original sim card in, then Visual Voicemail will work just fine once unlocked, its only once you put in a non-approved sim that you revert to that network's standard voicemail.

Can I still use the app store? Can I sync my iPhone with iTunes?

Yes of course! It wouldn't be much use if you couldn't, would it? We ensure that your iPhone unlocked with our service works perfectly with iTunes and also with applications purchased from the App Store.

Will it work with future updates to the iPhone?

YES! Unlike our competitors, once you have access to our service you can easily and safely upgrade using the standard iTunes procedures without fear of being locked out. This is an industry first.

Do I need my phone 'activated' first? All I can see is the emergency call screen!

Your phone does not need to be activated with AT&T or O2 or whoever - we activate the iPhone for you.

Does it work with a fresh 'out of the box' iPhone?

Absolutely - in fact this is the best way to use our solution.

If I do a restore after unlocking the phone do I need to run the unlock again?

Yes. An iTunes restore basically re-locks the device and returns it to factory settings. This is needed for when claiming on warranty etc.

Is it completely unlocked for voice and data use with any alternative carrier?

We as well as our vast customer base have tested both voice and data extensively in multiple countries, using various different carriers and have found no problems.

Is it easy to install?

Unlike other methods currently available, our solution is by far the simplest and quickest to install and set up.

How many iPhones can I unlock with one license?


How much is it?

JUST $9.99 via credit or debit card (ONE TIME PAYMENT FOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)